Dues Year Ends Jun 30

The club’s fiscal year ends in less than 30 days. More than fifty of you haven’t yet paid your dues for next year, Jul 1 through Jun 30 2015.

The club has sent a final dues notices by email for all applicable accounts. We don’t want to lose you! And we know you don’t want to miss an issue of THE BULLETIN, our club’s great newsletter. And you’ll lose access to the member-only pages of this web site, and your name and call won’t be listed here or in the BULLETIN. Won’t you take care of this today? It’s easy to renew.

You can update your dues electronically by clicking on this link, or by sending a check in the mail to this address:

Secretary-Treasurer, WBCCI ARC
196 Rainbow Drive #9636
Livingston TX 77399-1096

Have you taken care of your annual dues?

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Brief Updates re Web Site

Three important announcements for members:

(1) The on line directory of members is up to date through Apr 15 2014, for all members dues-paid through at least Jun 30 of this year.

If you do NOT see your call/name, or we have listed it incorrectly, PLEASE email us and let us know — we can fix what we know about, and promise to do it quickly.  (If your password doesn’t work, email us and we’ll figure out how to get you in)

(2) Our Club’s on line renewal AND new member registration seems to be working fabulously.  One hundred safe transactions in 13 months! If you have experienced anything otherwise with our club’s utility for on line dues, please tell us?  We want to know.  Again, email us and let us know.  We’re glad to hear from you.

(3) Finally — WBCCI members, if you can get there, we would love to see you at International Rally 2014 in Gillette later this month.  The Rally dates are Jun 28 – Jul 5.  Our ARC station will be up and running just as quickly as we can do it, perhaps by 21st? Listen for WB8RC on Rocky Mtn (weekdays) and Eastern Nets (everyday) each morning, and 20m net at 1000 hrs Mtn Time weekdays.

Don’t forget to get your dues in before Jun 30!

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On-line registration and payment for members and candidates

Effective 13 September 2013, we have implemented on-line registration and payment for members and candidates alike. This is a change from our last implementation in two ways:

(1) New members can join on-line, and members can renew, and
(2) You will need to enter your data to join or to renew

It all happens from this page, where you can choose whether you want to do this on line or by US Mail.

We previously implemented, as many of you know, on-line payments for renewal several months ago. A small problem arose from that first effort — we did not receive updated information, nor callsign, from renewals. And, we could not provide new membership registrations on-line, we did not have the means to obtain the membership application information.

We now have these issues resolved, and are in action. The on-line payment method is again via PayPal. You may either use your PayPal account, if you have one, or you may use your credit card. Of course, you may also renew or join by US Mail.

As always, please let the Club know if any problems, concerns, or comments.

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Member passwords changed

The passwords for member-only pages have changed. E-mails issued to all members in good standing today, September 03, 2013, with their personal passwords for these member-only pages.

The member roster is updated through Aug 31, 2013 for all members with dues paid through at least Jun 30, 2014. If your dues expired Jun 30, 2013 then you won’t be on this list AND you won’t be able to see it until you have paid your dues.

Also, any members who do not pay dues through at least Jun 2014 will not receive or be able to see on-line the next editions of the club’s fabulous award winning newsletter, The Bulletin. No kidding, did you know The Bulletin placed fourth in a keen competition for national newsletters at the Airstream owners annual International meeting and convention this past summer?

Please email webmaster here if any difficulties or questions. If you would like to become a member, please email treasurer here.


WBCCI Amateur Radio Club

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Beating the Summer heat

Two short items in today’s post: news of of a member’s recent travels, and addition of a neat new link on the club’s LINKS page. (click on highlighted item to see that page)

First this:
Debbie N4RTG and Jim N5RTG just returned from a cool week in the Virginia Highlands. We had a nice site at the Airstream park there at 2,800 feet elevation with fantastic views to the west. Temperatures were up to 15 degrees cooler than back here in Kannapolis NC, 25 miles from Charlotte NC.

While there, we put Debbie’s Eagle-1 antenna atop the Airstream. Winds were 5-10 mph during the install, so raising the 31′ vertical was a little challenging. Jim decided to try, next time, to stake out the guy ropes before raising the antenna. It will require some ninth grade geometry to get the ropes staked at the correct length for the vertical.

Safety is the reason — Jim is working at the trailer’s roof edge standing near the top of the ladder and levering a long whip (although light in weight) from a very short fulcrum. The guys, if layout is correct, will stabilize the antenna at install height so Jim will only need to steer the base of the antenna into the rooftop mount.

How did Debbie’s antenna work? This was the first instance of our using it with a new pair of MFJ bias tees, a 4116 and a 4117. These bias tees allow injecting (and importantly, removing) 12vdc on the coax from the operating position to the remote end. We are powering an SGC-237 auto-coupler at the antenna’s base, and the bias tees make this a lot simpler than running a dedicated 12vdc feed line along with the coax.

The setup worked fine, although conditions were so poor on 20m we couldn’t do a thing there and 40m was only a little better. Sometimes we have great luck in great locations, and less often we suffer like everyone else the varied and not-so-great propagation on the HF bands.

We’re looking forward to connecting our new home brew full-wave 40m delta loop with the bias tees at the in-law’s house. It should be interesting. More on this later.

And now item 2: Jim added today a new link to the WBCCI ARC LINKS page. We are glad to offer you this new link because this is a neat ham radio page you may enjoy browsing. The web site is attractive, has nice pictures, and a nice variety of things. The website might be a little bit much for your MacBook or iPad, but it worked great on the Windows computers we checked it with.

Jim n5rtg
Kannapolis NC
29 Aug 2013

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