Orlando Hamcation 2020

There’s still time to get your reservation in for the 2020 Hamcation in sunny Orlando, Florida.  Many RV Service Net attendees enjoy our annual trip to Skycraft Parts and Surplus, the supermarket of electronics and deals along with the Hamcation.

This is the premiere Amateur Radio event in the Southeast, according to the Hamcation website.  We all know, firsthand, Hamcation is one of the best hamfest setting in the south.  We are planning a pot-luck meal and a RV Service Net meeting along with door-prizes!

Remember that only current members are eligible to win the door-prizes. You may want to check the ARC WBCCI/RV Service Net membership roster, which was updated to this Web site’s “Members Only” page on January 17, 2020. You can join or renew your membership on this Web site or at the Orlando Hamfest.

Gates open on Wednesday, the 5th.  Hamfest starts Friday, Feb 7th and ends Sunday, February 9th.

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November 2019 issue of RV Service Net’s Bulletin available online

The digital version of the  November 2019 RV Service Net BULLETIN is now available on WBCCI Amateur Radio Club’s official RV Service Net’s Web page. You can click on the MEMBERS ONLY menu option to see it ONLY if you are a member of the WBCCI Amateur Radio Club/RV Service Net and you have the new password for 2019-2020. If you are not a member, you can join today online. Please contact Member Services if you are a member and your password is not working.


Janice Lilley, KK4WNK

Editor Janice Lilley, KK4WNK, consistently does a great job putting the BULLETIN together and the digital version is in color. Many members are helping the club save printing and postage costs by electing to receive the digital version of the BULLETIN online.

If you elected to receive a printed copy of the BULLETIN, it will be on its way to your QTH in the next couple of weeks.

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Membership Roster Updated

ARC WBCCI/RV Service Net Treasurer Ernie Bauer (N1AEW) successfully worked through the backlog of membership applications and the roster posted on this Web page is up-to-date.

This is just in time for the up-coming mailing of the club’s Bulletin. Janice Lilley (KK4WNK) is currently working on the Fall 2019 issue of our newsletter.

You can check your membership status in the “Members Only” section of this Web site.

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Club Officers Elected at the 2019 Annual Business Meeting

Members of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International’s (WBCCI) Amateur Radio Club elected officers for 2019-2020 at its annual business meeting. The meeting was held this year in Doswell, Virginia, on July 24, 2019.

Newly elected club officers are:

  • President – Don Williams, KD6UVT
  • 1st Vice President – Bob Caldwell, VA6RV
  • 2nd Vice President – Jim Johnson, WW7N
  • 3rd Vice President – Vacant
  • Treasurer – Ernie Bauer, N1AEW
  • Corresponding Secretary – Jeff Dalrymple, N5YEI
  • Recording Secretary – John Green, W9CJX
  • Director and Immediate Past President – Jeff Dalrymple, N5YEI
  • Director – Steve Padgett, K4NM

The WBCCI Amateur Radio Club sponsors the RV Service Nets.

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Joe Kolb (W4VL) SK

Former Wally Byam Caravan Club International Amateur Radio Club President Joe Kolb was listed as a Silent Key in the August issue of the Blue Beret, the WBCCI’s monthly magazine. Joe was the Amateur Radio Club’s President 2004-2005.

Joe Kolb, W4VL

Joe was very active in the Club and also served as the its VE Team leader.

Click here to read Joe’s obituary:


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