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Hamcation 2010 wrap-up

This was a great rally for the RV Service Net members in Orlando, FL, at Hamcation 2010.  Previously, for many years, our group met the week before for Ham-a-rally.  The RV Service Net met at a nearby RV park and enjoyed fellowship, food, and games.  We realized over the past year we wouldn’t be able to have the Ham-a-rally event and would instead focus on our group’s experience at Hamcation.

Fellowship, food, and fun with the RV Service Net A great group of talkers — what else do you expect from Hams?

We didn’t know we would have the biggest group we’ve had in some years, with 49 rigs parked in the very nice Central Florida Fairgrounds.  Orlando Amateur Radio Club again operated a very fine hamfest with a large crowd and almost a full complement of vendors.  The nationwide wintry weather conspired against one or two vendors, but most of the many were showing and hoping to sell a lot of radios, amps, antennae, and accessories.

The wet and cool weather also dampened the activity some.  The tailgaters and other outdoor flea market sellers seemed most affected by the heavy rains on Friday — they essentially lost the whole day to drenching and cold rain.  Even if vendors could have kept all their wares displayed dry, the attendees spent much of Friday sheltering from the driving rain.

Sunbathing snowbirds at Hamcation 2010 Never too cold to catch some Vitamin D for these snowbirds, Jean W2JHM and Joan

Except for rainy Friday the Hamcation days were dry and bright.  The hamfest had many indoor display areas so attendees found plenty to do without having to brave the coldest parts of each day.  Outdoor temperatures  were never very warm, but sitting in the sunshine apparently was warm enough for some, eh?

First timers with RV Service Net at Hamcation  A great collection of first-time RV SVC Net Hamcation attendees

The RV Service Net folks had a fabulous social, our largest for the weekend, Saturday afternoon and this despite some folks already having departed for various obligations.  Three special photos featured the first-time RV SVC Net attendees, many of the Net Controllers, and our snowbirds sheltering in Miami.

A whole bunch of RV SVC Net Controllers Largest collection of Net Controllers in the southeast?

Warm snowbirds up from Miami Our snowbirds up from Miami

Our first Hamcation without the preceding Ham-a-rally has been a great success. The spontaneous potluck attracted most of our members and no one left hungry. The socials drew many for spirited fellowship, renewing friendships, and story swapping.  Everyone agreed this has been a very memorable gathering, and we’re all looking forward to next year’s Hamcation in Orlando, Florida.

Until then we’ll look for you down the log,

N5RTG  Jim


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Revisions to Net schedules

Revised this morning the website’s Net Sked page here to reflect changes made over the past months.  Changes made include Pacific Coast Net manager change to Bill Jones W6NBC, addition of Tab Williams KR4RR as co-mgr on Noon 20m Net, and deletion of Evening 20m Net.

Thanks to the watchers who keep us straight on this web site.


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Hamcation 2010 Friday report

Orlando has 49 degrees this morning, 100% chance of rain, a high of 55, and snow in Medder, Ga today.  Weather has been in our favor so far although a little cool.

N4RTG Debbie, KI4NSS Susan, and KJ4JK Jamie staying warm at Hamcation

Debbie N4RTG, Susan KI4NSS, and Jamie KJ4JK are braving the cool weather

KD8KOT Gloria, K8KOT Herman, WK3G Elliot, and Janet KD8CHD at the Potluck

Gloria KD8KOT, Herman K8KOT, Elliot Wk3G, and Janet KD8CHD are socializing at the potluck

W4CYJ Mike ran our group’s net this morning.  By 8:05 eastern time, Mike had 40 check-ins.  What a great group we have at Hamcation from RV SVC Net, with over 45 rigs so far.  Will Mike be able to get everyone in before the Bell Ringers take over the frequency at 9:00 (hi hi)?

Potluck at Hamcation 2010

Herb W0HM setting up his chair for the potluck

Yesterday we had a wonderful potluck luncheon, saw almost everyone here and shared great food and fellowship.  Great thanks to KD8KOT Gloria for suggesting the potluck and for her delicious dishes she shared.   And thanks to everyone who attended and brought so many different and tasty foods.

A special benefit of having this group is the Net Controls amongst us.  Tab KR4RR ran yesterday’s net for 56 check-ins, and Mike W4CYJ did well today with 52 check-ins.  Don’t know what happened to the other 4, they must have slept in and missed this early net.

We’re looking forward to our annual Skycraft Surplus visit this morning.  We’ll walk around and fill our bags with all the things our xyls wish we weren’t bringing home.  This promises to be a good morning for Skycraft, but they’re going to be pretty crowded with our group descending upon them.  My budget is $10, should be enough to fill at least one bag.

Jim  N5RTG

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Hamcation 2010 Orlando, FL

37 RVs showed up yesterday and are in the RV SVC NET section of this year’s Hamcation, hosted by Orlando Area Radio Club.  Yesterday we had a big opening social beside KC2RAR’s rig, followed by some groups heading out for dinner at local eateries.

Today we’re looking forward to a nice noon potluck, and we’ll have to run around to burn enough calories to prepare for this afternoon’s social at 4:00 p.m. eastern time.  Today and tomorrow we may start seeing tailgaters displaying their goods and they’ll be out in full force Saturday.  The vendors start showing at noon Friday and will show through Sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern.

In between, we’ll make a trip to Skycraft to shop for all those great, hard to find little electronics things as well as wire and other stuff.  You know it’s not so much what you need as what you should have on hand in case a need arises — right?

We’re looking forward to a great Hamcation and our first Ham-a-rally in this new format.


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