Membership Dues

Our membership in RV Service Net International runs from July 1 through June 30 each year.  You can check which year your dues expire by looking at the mailing label on your copy of the newsletter, The Bulletin.  If your label has 2012 then your dues expire June 30 2012.  If you have 2011 on your label then your dues expire June 30 2011, this week. 

Thanks to Charlie w8act and Jack aa8q (our retiring Treasurer), the new mailing labels show the entire date, not just the year of your dues expiration, for each member on the mailing label of their copy of The Bulletin.

Dues have not increased in over fifteen (15) years, our club has been able to maintain dues at just $7/year.  One of the ways we can do this is with strong member retention — we have a lot of members who keep their dues paid up each year.  Our club needs your dues.  Will you be one of the members who helps contribute to keep RV Service Net International strong?

I have received and accepted a letter of resignation from our able and hard-working Treasurer of the past two years, Jack aa8q.  He picked the job up when nobody else would take it two years ago and agreed to serve two years.  Jack put it all together, organized it for us and tied a bow on it.   Thanks to Jack.

And this weekend we will elect a new Treasurer at our annual meeting. We will get the new Treasurer information onto this web site and onto the NETS as soon as we can so you can keep your dues current.

In the interim until we have a new Treasurer named and situated, please make your check out to WBCCI Amateur Radio Club and drop your check for dues in the mail as follows:

Jim Cocke
1005 Betty Street
Kannapolis, NC  28083

any questions, please email or call me at 704.430.9192.