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Last Call for Current Year Dues

The club’s last fiscal year ended over 45 days ago, on Jun 30 2014.  Many of you made a great response to the club’s last post —  half of the unpaid members got their dues in — a record, for sure!

Still, that leaves a few folks about to lose their membership privileges.  We don’t want to lose you! And we know you don’t want to miss an issue of THE BULLETIN, our club’s great newsletter. And you’ll lose access to the member-only pages of this web site, and your name and call won’t be listed here or in the BULLETIN. Won’t you take care of this today? It’s easy to renew.

You can update your dues electronically by clicking on this link or email MEMBER SERVICES and arrange to mail a check to the Club.

Have you taken care of your annual dues?

updated 17 Aug 2014

August 16 2014 | Members | Comments Off on Last Call for Current Year Dues