Dues are due and the “Members Only” password changed for new fiscal year

The password to the “Members Only” sections of the WBCCI Amateur Radio Club and the RV Service Nets Web page was changed today (October 6th). This password is changed every year at the start of the club’s fiscal year.

The WBCCI Amateur Radio Club is a membership organization, supported by ham radio operator members in the United States and Canada and it sponsors the RV Service Nets on 40 and 20 meters. Without members the club would have neither purpose nor funds for operation.  Without members the club would have no officers, no newsletter, no website, no member roster.  The roster, website and Bulletin make our club and nets more interesting and enjoyable for many hams and many of you support the club with your dues each year.

If you have paid your dues through at least Jun 30 2016, we’ll happily provide you the new password.  Just send Member Services an email asking for password. If you haven’t paid your dues, you click here join or renew through the Club’s Web page.

Added  6 October 2015 – Comments? Questions? Updates?