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Update on our former treasurer Wag (W9WAG)

This update comes from John (W9CJX), our Club/Net’s Recording Secretary:


Wag, W9WAG

I just spoke with Jo, XYL of W9WAG. He is still in the hospital in Kenosha, WI. Earlier he had been in a rehabilitation step down unit, however, more serious medical problems occurred requiring hospitalization. A feeding tube was put in last week but is now giving him problems.

She said a new feeding tube into his stomach will be surgically placed tomorrow. Obviously, Wag is a very sick man.

Prayers from as many of you who want to ask the Lord for his care and recovery are welcome.

I’ll try to keep you updated, however, I don’t want to bother Jo too much. I can tell that his condition is a big concern for her.

posted 24 August 2016 – Comments? Questions? Updates?

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