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20-meter International RV Service Nets Discontinued

rich-paschal-150At a meeting of the officers of the Amateur Radio Club of WBCCI, held July 2, 2016, during the 59th International Rally of WBCCI, the officers unanimously agreed to discontinue sponsorship of the two 20-meter RV Service Nets which previously met at 1200 hrs and 1700 hrs ET on 14.3075 MHz.  The decision requires an understanding of the history and current situation of the nets.

When WBCCI was created in the 1950’s, the primary need for amateur radio was for communications for caravans which roamed far and wide across North America and into the rest of the world.  Particularly the 20-meter nets provided updates daily on the progress of these caravans in an era before mobile telephone service was reliably available.  Since the advent of cell/mobile phones, that communication has rarely relied on amateur radio, and the nets have become wonderful means for people to keep in touch, expand on solutions for problems with RVs, and to check in each morning when traveling. 

 For some time, the 20-meter nets were operating with checkins numbering anywhere from 3 to 10 checkins.  With the declining sunspot cycle in the past 18 months, and the retirement from net management by Edna Ziegler, KB0KAM, these nets were operating on an ad hoc basis with no management and few net control stations. 

Because we have been unable to recruit volunteers to manage these two nets, the low participation primarily due to poor propagation, and the replacement by an extensive network of mobile telephone service over North America, the officers decided to discontinue sponsorship of the two 20-meter nets.

The other three nets, all operating on 40 meters, are healthy and have a full complement of net managers and net control stations.  These nets, spanning the lower 48 states and into all Canadian provinces, continue to provide excellent contact among net members for social, technical and communications purposes.  The Amateur Radio Club of WBCCI highly values its sponsorship of the three International RV Service Nets operating on 7.191 MHz (East Coast), 7.184 MHz (Rocky Mountain), and 7.2685 MHz (Pacific Coast).  Our net managers and net controllers are doing a fantastic job keeping these nets viable and fun.  We encourage all net members to recruit more “hams” to participate in these nets and expect to continue to support these nets well into the future.


Richard Paschall AJ4UX
irector of Nets
International RV Service Nets
Amateur Radio Club of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International

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Jim Johnson (WW7N) is the club’s new VE Exams Coordinator


Jim, WW7N

Jim Johnson (WW7N) is the Wally Byam Caravan Club International Amateur Radio Club / RV Service Net Coordinator for VE Exams.

The Club’s VE team gave the Technician, General and Extra class exams on June 30, 2016, in Lewisburg, WV. Five passed their Technician class licenses are are new hams and one General upgraded to Extra.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this test session.

Joe-W4VLThe officers and members of the club also than Joe Kolb (W4VL) for his many years of service as the club’s Coordinator of VE Exams.

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Net control operators needed

The 40 meter Eastern/Central Net needs a net control operator for the second hour on Sundays. Please contact Sam Haynes (WA4ICK), the net manager, if you are willing to volunteer for this opening or if you can help out every once in a while.

Click here to send an email message to Sam, WA4ICK.

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May 2016 BULLETIN published

The digital version of the  May 2016 RV Service Net BULLETIN is now available on WBCCI Amateur Radio Club’s official RV Service Net’s Web page. You can click on the MEMBERS ONLY menu option to see it ONLY if you are a member of the RV Service Net and you have the new password for 2015-2016. If you are not a member, you can join today online. Please contact Member Services a if you are a member and your password is not working.


Janice Lilley, KK4WNK


Editor Janice Lilley, KK4WNK, did a great job putting this issue of the BULLETIN together and the digital version is in color. Many members are helping the club save printing and postage costs by electing to receive the digital version of the BULLETIN online.

If you elected to receive a printed copy of the BULLETIN, it will be on its way to your QTH in the next couple of weeks.

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Pictures from the Orlando Hamcation added to the Photo Gallery

New photos from the 2016 Orlando Hamcation are now on display in the Photo Gallery. Thanks to Jim (N5RTG) for sharing these pictures.

As a reminder, you can share your photo or pictures from a RV Service Net event by sending them to:

New pictures are always appreciated.

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