The May 2018 RV Service Net BULLETIN published online

The digital version of the  May 2018 RV Service Net BULLETIN is now available on WBCCI Amateur Radio Club’s official RV Service Net’s Web page. You can click on the MEMBERS ONLY menu option to see it ONLY if you are a member of the WBCCI Amateur Radio Club/RV Service Net and you have the new password for 2017-2018. If you are not a member, you can join today online. Please contact Member Services if you are a member and your password is not working.


Janice Lilley, KK4WNK

Editor Janice Lilley, KK4WNK, consistently does a great job putting the BULLETIN together and the digital version is in color. Many members are helping the club save printing and postage costs by electing to receive the digital version of the BULLETIN online.

If you elected to receive a printed copy of the BULLETIN, it will be on its way to your QTH in the next couple of weeks.

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ARC of the WBCCI and RV Service Nets at the 2018 Orlando Hamcation

The reports about the RV Service Net’s activities at the 2018 Orlando Hamcation continue to come in and it is clear that everyone had a great time there.

RV Service Net at Orlando’s Hamcation

Bob Caldwell (VE6RPP) served as the RV Service Net’s host at the Hamcation and events included happy hours, a pot-luck lunch and a meeting complete with door-prizes.

Camping at Hamcation

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Sam Haynes (WA4ICK) Awarded Life Membership

Sam Haynes is now is Life Member of the Amateur Radio Club of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International, sponsor of the RV Service Net.


In nominating Sam for this honor, Director of Nets Richard Paschall said:

Sam has been the manager of the East Coast/Central 40 meter net for many years and has acted as a net control station once or more per week for the time he has been net manager.  Sam has done an outstanding job and meets the criteria for lifetime membership.

The Executive Board of the ARC of the WBCCI unanimously approve the motion to award life membership to Sam.

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Gareth (Lindy) Linder (W1ACL) and Don Benham (KE4AG) – Silent Keys

Lindy Linder (W1ACL) and Don Benham (KE4AG) have passed away. Both were Life Members in the Amateur Radio Club of the WBCCI.

Garry Ritchie (W8OI) said this about Lindy:

When I became director of nets for the WBCCI RV Service Nets, Lindy was net manager of an 80 meters RV Service Net that met once a week on Sunday mornings at 7:30 eastern time and primarily served the northeastern US and Canada..  When he quit running that net in 2009 he had been serving in that role for more than four decades.  We had to close that net when he stepped down because we could find no one else to take over.

Gareth “Lindy” Linder was one of the most loyal net managers/net controllers WBCCI could ever hope to find.  I never met him in person but I surely appreciated him much.

Don Benham (KE4AG) served as President of the ARC if the WBCCI from 1987 to 1988. Don was also a trustee of the Club’s amateur radio call sign, WB8RC. Don served in the United States Army and was a Bronze Star recipient.

Our heartfelt condolences to Lindy’s and Don’s families.
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Orlando Hamcation 2018

There’s still time to get your reservation in for the 2018 Hamcation in sunny Orlando, Florida.  Many RV Service Net attendees enjoy our annual trip to Skycraft Parts and Surplus, the supermarket of electronics and deals along with the Hamcation.

This is the premiere Amateur Radio event in the Southeast, according to the Hamcation website.  We all know, firsthand, Hamcation is one of the best hamfest setting in the south.  We are planning a pot-luck meal and a RV Service Net meeting along with door-prizes!

Gates open on Wednesday, the 7th.  Hamfest starts Friday, Feb 9th and ends Sunday, February 11th.

Here are some photos of the fun at the last (2017) Orlando Hamcation:

Campers at the Orlando Hamcation

Prize quilt at the Orlando Hamcation

Members of the RV Service Net at the Orlando Hamcation

Jamie Johnson wins this painting

Camping along the lake


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